Sem vložte podnadpis

MK Technic Trade SE builds amusement rides in accodrance with our own project and design documentation as well as the specifications and documentation provided by the client. Our archives contain material from earlier production runs that could be adapted to suit customer requirements where something similar is required. For entirely new designs, we'll use our long-standing experience in building rides and white-knuckle attractions to invent, produce and test your ride to ensure that it is fully funtional and safe.

Every attraction we produce is completely original, containing innovative and ingenious mechanisms to provide high-adrenalin thrills in utter safety. Every attraction is assembled in our Czech factory, although we may source high quality specialist components if required. We provide full guarantees for the quality, safety and functionality of the attractions we produce as well as for the individual mechanical parts. Every attraction comes with full service and post-warranty service.In addition, we can provide a repair service for attractions made by our competitors, subject to negotiation and capacity. In most cases, service and repairs are conducted in our specialist workshops at our company headquarters in the Czech Republic.

Should you wish to sell your attraction, we may be able to introduce you to reliable buyers. Just get in touch! The conditions of such sale are always individual.